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Explore our Workshops and Masterclasses, designed for artists at any level. Gain essential techniques while discovering tips on marketing and selling art. Whether honing skills or navigating the art market, these Workshops and Masterclasses empower every artist.


How to Create an Abstract Landscape Painting - Volume 2


Instructor: John Milan

June 25, 2024

grad img 2024-2-1.webp

Mastery Program Graduation Italy 2024

Friday, October 4th
Held at Ristoro Appennino
Campodiegoli, Italy

You are invited to an unforgettable evening at the stunning Ristoro Appennino in Italy, celebrating our Mastery Program graduates. Join Elli and Dimitra Milan, along with other esteemed artists, as they highlight the remarkable transformation of their students into professionals over the year.

Masterclasses on Demand

How to Create Art That Sells

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How to Paint a Floral Still Life

Learn to Create Realistic Floral Paintings That Ignite Desire

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Oil Painting Made Easy

Follow Along and Learn to Oil Paint with This Easy 3 Step Process

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How to Create an Abstract Landscape Painting - Edition 1

Explore the Boundaries of Landscape Art with Innovative Painting Methods

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Draw ANYTHING with These 3 Easy Steps

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How to Create an Abstract Floral Painting

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Oil Painting Simplified

Unlock Your Artistic Confidence and Paint Oil Masterpieces with Ease

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Acrylic Painting Made Easy

Effortlessly Paint Stunning Acrylic Art with Expert Techniques

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Acrylics Remastered

Create Your Breakthrough with This Technique

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How to Loosen Up with Bold Brushstrokes

Learn to Paint with Confidence and Create Effortless-Looking Masterpieces

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How to Paint Portraits That Sell

Learn how to paint beautiful portraits that will captivate your viewers.

Lifetime Access Only $10

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