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The Ultimate Artistic Showdown Comes to Greece — Who Will Rise to the Challenge? 

Join us for Season 3 of The Outstanding Artist, where top artists from around the world will compete in the ultimate artistic battle in one of the most beautiful places in the world — Spetses, Greece!

Premiering on Youtube and Art Club.
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New Artists, New Challenges, New Heights: Join Us for Our Best Season Yet

In season 3 of The Outstanding Artist, a new lineup of amazing artists from around the world compete for the title and a $25,000 Grand Prize on the remote island of Spetses, Greece. Each artists' skills are put to the test in daring and innovative challenges to see who will rise to challenge, and who will crumble. Join these artists on their journey, and find out who will be named the next Outstanding Artist!

This Season’s Contestants

Watch Past Seasons

Season 2

Season 2 introduces a brand new cast of talented artists ready to prove themselves. Both talent and tensions run high in this season as these new contestants eat, sleep, and paint together — all in hopes of winning the big prize and the title of Outstanding Artist. Who has the skills, endurance, and patience to take it all?

Season 1

Our first season introduces the Milan family, founders of The Milan Art Institute (now Art Social), and world renowned artists. Watch as this family of artists goes head-to-head and tests their skills for a prize of $10,000! This season is full of laughs, tears, side-eye, and even a few pranks. Find out who takes home the very first title of Outstanding Artist! 



Shine Your Art.
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We are artists. We are professionals, beginners, and hobbyists. We believe that art has the power to change the world so we build tools that empower and bring artists together. Founded in 2008 as The Milan Art Institute, we are now a platform for artists to call home for community, inspiration, and education.

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