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  • A curated library of educational resources that will help you expand your artistic abilities.
  • An online community for you to connect with artists all over the world.
  • Your go-to place for inspiration with thought-provoking challenges, contests, and more.
  • 2 Seasons of genuine artist reality show that you’ll love

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As a member of Milan Art Club, you'll have access to this inspiring, informative and entertaining show, along with an ever-growing library of instructional videos and podcasts.

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  • Discover inspiring lessons about painting, drawing, source creating, and more.
  • Learn new techniques to elevate your art to new heights of skill.
  • All lessons are taught by professional artists.
  • Refresh your creativity every month with new tutorials and contests.

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Membership Benefits



Connect with hundreds of artists from all over the world who love art as much as you. Build lasting friendships with other artists who will motivate you to paint and encourage you throughout the process. Bounce ideas off of people who truly care about creativity.



Refresh your creativity every month with new videos and tutorials designed to help you expand your skills as an artist. Our monthly challenges and learning materials will encourage you to try new techniques and fuel your passion for painting.



Become inspired by professional artists who are masters of their craft with years of experience creating, selling and teaching art. Discover their unique insights and incorporate their techniques into your own creations.

Why You Should Join:

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  • Learn from an ever-growing library of innovative oil painting, mixed media, drawing techniques and more.
  • Participate in contests with $1,000 in cash prizes given out EVERY MONTH, exclusively available to the community of Art Club members.
  • You’ll no longer waste time searching through Youtube. Access everything you want to learn about art in one easy to use streaming platform with content made by professionals.
  • Connect with artists and share your progress through Milan Art Social while you experiment, learn and grow as an artist.
  • Receive constant inspiration and motivation from our seemingly endless library of content.
  • If you ever can’t find something you want to learn, just let us know and we’ll que up a lesson.

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Stay inspired to paint by participating in our monthly contests and win huge cash prizes! Exclusive to Milan Art Club Members.

  • Every month in the Art Club is centered around a theme, for example: discovery, freedom, light.
  • Every theme has a specific challenge that is designed to help you expand your artistic abilities. The challenges will be straightforward, for example: Create a non-objective abstract on a canvas measuring at least 18”x24”.
  • You’ll have until the end of the month to share the work you created and submit it to the exclusive contests via social media and our Art Club Community Page.
  • After one week of judging, two winners are selected: a community choice and a judge’s choice. YOU get to participate in choosing the community winner by voting for your favorite piece (yes, you can vote for yourself).
  • The winners will be contacted via email to receive their rewards.

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Your Success is Our Mission

Artists need community. Milan Art Club was created by the driven team members of Milan Art Institute to ensure that all artists around the world have the opportunity to connect with each other and become inspired through engaging resources.

Milan Art Institute is a place where passionate hearts and creative minds come together to bring visions to life. The founders, John and Elli Milan, have been working as successful collaborative artists for over 20 years and have made a living during that entire period solely through art. Their daughter, Dimitra Milan, became a professional artist, and before turning 16, had generated over a million dollars through the sales of her own artwork. Their works have been featured in galleries across the world. And now, the Milans are sharing their powerful insights about the creation of art with everyone.

The Milan Team is completely devoted and fully committed to helping artists achieve their dreams. They have rallied a dedicated and remarkable group of people to help fulfill their dream of inspiring artists all over the world to live out their true purpose by creating art. They mentor artists who desire to earn a living from selling their artwork professionally and join the next Art Renaissance. Milan Art Institute has educated hundreds of artists all over the world, equipping them with the necessary tools they need in order to create the art that they’ve always dreamed of creating. Beginners and professionals come here to master skills, learn new techniques, and become inspired. The purpose of the Milan Art Institute is to enlighten and educate a worldwide audience about the transformational power of the visual arts.

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We want to create a flourishing atmosphere of creativity that inspires you to create art. By joining this club, you’ll stay motivated to create and have a community to back you up whenever you hit any blocks along the way. In addition, we want to provide you with the necessary resources to overcome struggles that hold you back in creating art. We work very hard to ensure that all of the learning materials we provide are high quality and practical, while maintaining a sense of fun and excitement that comes with creating art. Get 14 days access FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the art club only cover painting or is sculpture or music or writing a part of the art club?

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