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The Social Platform for Artists and Art Lovers

A Social Platform for Artists Where You Can:

Connect with Artists
All Over the World

Create your profile, curate your portfolio, post art, receive feedback, follow other serious artists, and engage in our global community of artists.

Learn How to Create
Beautiful Art

Continue developing your art skills by taking online art courses, reading articles, listening to podcasts, attending events, and engaging with professional artists.

Find Your Voice and Turn Passion
for Art into a Profession

Embrace your unique artistic voice with the guidance of professional artists. Learn how to build your brand, develop your website and sell your art.

Become Inspired and
Stay Motivated to Paint

Energize your spirit by engaging with our global community of artists. Get inspired by diving into the vast array of resources available for you.

Milan Art Platform Includes:

Free Content

Valuable resources for artists posted daily (articles, podcasts, quick tips, checklists).


Join a community that encourages and inspires. Follow other artists, join engaging groups and discussions.


Learn with comprehensive online art courses for all levels. From drawing and painting, to promoting and selling, you’ll learn everything you need to know about art.


Use our dynamic messaging system and connect with artists from all over the world, transcending your physical limitations.


Join online or in-person events, art retreats, and workshops to educate, encourage, and elevate your artistic abilities.

Prizes + More

Join Milan Art Club for monthly contests with cash prizes. Learn from our library with 100s of inspiring and educational videos.

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